Bird Science

Spread peanut butter on a pine cone and roll in birdseed. Hang in a tree that is visible from the classroom. Set up a bird watching station with binoculars and a journal. Encourage the children to record with words or illustrations whatever they see.

Children match eggs to a bird in a nest. Have a bird sitting in a nest with a number on its wing. The children will place the correct number of eggs in the nest. Could also be used as an alphabet matching game.

One child is chosen the be the mother bird. The mother needs a gummy worm. Blindfold her. Have a baby bird move quietly around the room and find a spot to roost. The baby bird must tweet to tell the mother where it is. Once the mother finds the baby she can give it the gummy worm! The baby is now the mother and another child is chosen to be the baby.

Blue bird, blue bird through my window.

Children stand in circle, holding hands, arms up…windows are open. One or two blue birds are in center. As you sing the song the birds weave in and out the open “windows”. Sing as follows:… Blue bird, blue bird through my window, blue bird, blue bird through my window, blue bird blue bird through my window. (children bring down arms to close window)….oh blue bird aren’t you tired. Birds want to stay inside circle as windows are being closed. You can change the name of the birds to fit with you theme….e.g. blue jay, cardinal, sparrow, etc.

Cut out different pictures of birds and play a game which one flies which ones don’t fly


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.