Bird Art

Easy to make bird nest

Glue artificial “Easter” grass into a coffee filter! You can buy brown recycled filters for cheaper than regular white ones. Very cute.

What you need: 1/2 plastic Easter egg, straw, hay, or anything to resemble what is in a birds nest, glue, Ellison die cut bird shapes , plaster, brown yarn/string Have children design a bird nest in the plastic egg with the Ellison die cut bird, glue all items in, children can use yarn/string for a worm in birds mouth, may also use cotton balls (blue for Robbins, etc) for eggs. Have children make a base using the plaster.

Feather painting
Materials: feathers, paper, tempra paint
Have the children paint a picture using a feather as a paint brush. provide a variety of feathers to obtain variation in pictures. I like to use a construction paper cut out of a bird and let them feather paint it.

2 empty rolls of toilet paper have children paint them. then decorate with stickers, punch 2 holes in each tubes. take a piece of yarn long enough to go around their necks tie in each hole there you have a telescope to watch the birds.

My daughter did this project in her class, and I’m amazed at how life like it is.

Paint each child’s hand well, have them rub their hands together, then with their wrists together press their hands to a piece of paper. Give them shapes for the body of the bird, two ovals and a circle to cut out. One oval is the bird’s head, the other is his lower half and tail, with the circle his upper body. Help them cut triangular shaped beaks and use markers to make the eyes.

These make great parrots or toucans.

Birds nest-Mix 2-cups of grass clippings with fabric stiffener. Mix with fingers until barely damp. Line muffin tin or bowls with plastic bags. Press grass mixer around sides and bottom to form a nest. Bake on 150 degrees for 30 min. to an hour. AS soon as nest will hold it’s shape, remove from pan and place on oven rack and continue to bake for 1-2 hours. Let children decorate rim of nest with dried flowers and glue a mini bird inside, or make eggs out of dough and paint speckles on them.

Dove handprint white construction paper

Trace child’s hand on a folded piece of construction paper thumb out fingers together. Glue to pieces together thumb is the face of the dove and glue only palms of the area. fold fingers down on both sides. Very cute.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.