Bat Art

Cut out a bat body shape from black or brown construction paper for each child. Have the children glue the body shape to another piece of paper. Using black or brown paint help your kids paint a handprint on each side of the bat for wings.

A unit on bats can include science information on the largest and smallest bats. After we share this information, the class sponge painted a cutout of the biggest bat to mount on the wall. We made thumbprints and added wings for the smallest bats.


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  • Char December 14, 2017 at 5:31 pm Reply

    After you make the hand prints bats. Let the children paint a small paper yellow. Then glue to black construction paper in top corner and glue their hand-print bat flying to the moon.

    I also cutout a large bat shape, let the children (I work with 2 yrs olds) draw on with crayons, chalk or markers. Then fold in half use pipe cleaner poked thru the center of the fold, tape end securely, and let them fly their bats. Mine enjoyed this.

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