Back To School Snacks

We make “Me Soup”.
Each child brings in their favorite soup ingredient. I let them add the ingredient to my crock pot when they arrive at school. We let it cook all day and eat it in the afternoon. We also make a class book about our soup. Each child draws a pic and dictates something about their ingredient.

To get acquainted with my new students and parents I had a potluck about two weeks before school. The students and parents brought a food item and we all ate and got acquainted. The students also brought their school supplies which saved a lot of first day of school hassle. I had a time period during the night that I also met alone with the parents while the students did a coloring activity in the classroom. I talked about the program and held a question and answer session. After that, we all met in the classroom where the students had a chance to play with toys and get acquainted with their new classroom while I visited with parents individually. I took pictures of students with the digital camera for a Welcome bulletin board. The parents also filled out information and volunteer forms during this time. It was a lot of fun and a great way to start out the year! This was my first year of doing it and I will make sure to do it again in the years to come.


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