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Preschool Teacher Humor


Posted 7-24-17

One day a little girl was helping me make cups of goodies for the teachers and I was trying to make sure that they were pretty even and I commented, “This one looks a little bare.” the little girl replied, “No Michelle there is no Bear in there.” I then explained to her that I meant it wasn’t full enough and that the other cups had more in them, she then replied, “Well my mommy won’t mind if I just eat that candy so it’s not full.”

In my 3 y o class, one little guy is on a special diet – no artificial colors or flavors. He is really O.K. with this and knows exactly what he can and cannot have (we have a list also).  One day we had something not on the list and I was not sure and said:”Sean, Mrs. Elena’s not sure, have you had these before.” He quickly replied, “Nope, those have official colors” …

It was the beginning of the school year and we just finished reading a book called, “Getting Ready for School.” The little girl had asked her mom questions about school and what to expect. Well, when the story was over, I asked the children what did the mom think of school? I had a few different answers, but one stuck out. One of my little girls thought for a moment, raised her hand and said, “Did she think it was too expensive?”

As you can tell, I work in a preschool/daycare setting. It can get pretty expensive and the parents must talk about this at home! It cracked me up!

While making fall wreaths to take to a local nursing home, I asked 4 yr. old Grant what color paint he would like—-Rojo or Anaharado. He looked at me thoughtfully and replied, “Rojo please”. As I handed him the paint, he sighed & said, “Whew, I hoped that meant red!!”

In my classroom, we still use record albums. After a few days of school I pulled out an album for music time & this little girl looked up with wide eyes & said, ” That sure is a big CD!!!

I teach in a Christian-based preschool. Yesterday one of our very independent 3-year-olds wanted to potty herself all-by-herself! She closed the bathroom door and I stood outside the waiting for her or waiting to offer assistance. After a minute I heard her finish up and I asked her “Wendy, are you o.k. by yourself?” She replied “I’m o.k. ’cause Jesus is in here with me”.

While doing “calendar time” with my 4-year-old class, we were identifying the letter “W” for Wednesday. I asked the class if they could think of another word that started with that letter — emphasizing the W sound. Three children shouted out “wabbit!”

At the beginning of a new preschool term, my class was discussing what everyone did over the summer. A four-year-old, Afton, raised her hand and said, “We went to the Lake of the Noah’s Ark!” What she meant was Lake of the Ozarks.

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