Arbor Day Curriculum

I let the kids make a tree with construction paper. I have in the past let them tear leaves and I have also had them pre-cut, it’s whatever you prefer.
I have even let them paste a construction paper trunk onto the paper and then sponge paint leaves. I place a computer generated block of paper to place in the center of the tree that has this quote “He who plants trees loves others beside himself” I then make another computer generated block and paste in the bottom corner with the child’s name and year, and Arbor Day. The parents really like it. I send it along with a small tree for the children to plant in their own yard with their family. It’s a nice way to get the parents to involve this day with their children sine most are so busy to even acknowledge the day, we give them a good reminder how important the day really is!

We make Fig Newton trees by using the fig Newton as a base. stick a twig (with small branch-like arms) in a Fig Newton. have the children take small scraps of tissue paper and glue on to the branches. we do four trees to represent each season. they look adorable.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.