Apple Games

Here’s a new twist on “who stole the cookie”: Play “Who took the apple from the apple tree?  Chant and clap as you pass an apple from child to child.


(group) who took the apple from the apple tree? “Johnny” took the apple from the apple tree!

(child) Who Me?

(group) Yes you!

(child) couldn’t be

(group) then who took the apple from the apple tree? (child then passes the apple to the next child and play continues until all have had a turn!)

After everyone has had a turn, have an apple snack and read your favorite apple story! So much fun!! Children will develop language and memory skills as well as learning to take turns!

Last year we had such fun doing this apple math idea. First we had each child lie down on floor. We took lots of apples and measured how tall each child was in apples by lying the apples along side each child on the floor. We even had the children measure the teachers. Then each child drew their height in circles (representing apples) on a large piece of butcher paper (rote counting activity). We then graphed them by drawing a line across the top of each apple line. Finally we placed their actual height on the “how we grow” chart. We had lots of laughs! We even estimated how tall in apples each one might be after the first few children went. We hung the chart in the hall. GREAT PARENT PLEASER!

Use metal juice lids (not sharp) cut out apple shapes that will fit inside the lids, with a marker write the first letter of each child’s name in your class–K (Kyle) make a separate apple lid for each child. cover lid with contact paper and stick a Velcro dot to the back. Make a basket with construction paper and stick the back with Velcro dots. place lids and basket onto a felt board and use as letter recognition as the child chooses a letter apple lid and picks it from the tree and places it in the basket. My 2-3’s love this:) Have fun!

The teacher “hides” different color paper apple around the classroom (red, green and yellow). The teacher has a basket for each color apple. Each child is asked to find an apple and put it in the correct basket. This activity is fun while helping children focus to find items. It also helps sorting skills.

We play this game on Johnny Appleseed’s birthday (September 26) One child closes her eyes while someone sitting in the circle hides an “apple seed” ( a brown pom-pom) Everyone in the circle puts their hands behind their backs. The child who had her eyes closed is then asked to guess who is holding the apple seed. We give her an empty watering can and she goes up to someone in the circle, pretends to water him, and says “Grow, apple seed, grow!” If the child is holding the apple seed, he gets up and pretends to be a growing tree! If not, she gets two more guesses.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.