Apple Art Projects

Apple Art Projects

“Wormy” Apples Teacher or child can punch holes around a cutout apple shape. Poster board apples work best! Give each child a piece of green yarn “worm” and have them weave their worm through the holes of their apple. It works best if you wrap the end of the yarn with masking tape, or dip the end of the yarn in glue the night before for easier weaving!

During our apple unit, we read the story “Ten Apples Up on Top.” For art, I have the children draw a picture of themselves at the bottom of a tall piece of paper. They then take an apple sponge (or if you want, an apple cut in half) and then, with red paint, stamp as many apples “up on top” of their heads as they want. We have fun counting them. We also have the children use apple shaped beanbags to see how many they can balance on their heads while slowly walking around. I further expand the book with a flannel board – cutout apples and a figure – they can roll dice or spinner and put that many apples on top of the figure’s head.

Blow green/brown paint across the paper to represent branches. Next cut the apple in half to see the star and print on branches. Then you give them pre-cut leaves to glue on the apples or around the branches. This is really a cute project.

Apple Art Projects



  • Terri W. September 13, 2017 at 4:21 pm Reply

    We read the book “10 Apples Up On Top”. Then we trace and cut our own paper apples. We put a picture of each friend on a separate piece of paper. Each child glues their “apples” onto the head of their picture. They can count their apples and practice writing the number.

  • Terri W. September 13, 2017 at 4:18 pm Reply


    Have 3 different colors of apples pre-cut out (red, yellow, green).

    Have the children glue and paste the apples in the right order for a traffic light on a long black piece of construction paper.

    Next, have them paint the apples with corn syrup. Leave to dry. The corn syrup will dry hard and shiny making it look like a light!

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