Ant Art

I let the kids sponge paint with square sponges using red paint onto white paper to make a picnic table cloth. After it is dry I let the kids either stick on ant stickers or I have a ant craft punch and they punch them out and glue them on! Look sooooo cute!

Draw a hill on a plain sheet of paper. Have the children make fingerprint ants. Talk about how insects have six legs and have them add legs to each ant. Turn them loose to create the rest of the scenery around their ant hill.

Ant Art

Have the children squeeze glue all over a piece of construction paper. Next, sprinkle sand all over the glue, and let dry. After the sand-glue designs are completely dry, have the children glue on watermelon seeds to represent the ants. When you are done, you will have lots and lots of ants tunneling in the earth!



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