All About Me Science

Ask the parents to bring in an old shoe of their child’s and plant a flower in their the children can have their own plant in their own shoe.

When teaching an “all about me” unit, I explained how our vertebra fit together. To demonstrate this I cut apart each cup from an egg carton. I stacked them with a small tissue between each, to show cartilage. These tall stacks move the same as our spines do. The kids had fun assembling and reassembling their bones.

When learning “all about Me” I bring in my bathroom scale and some heavy objects, such as a red brick, a cinder block, a feather, etc. We weigh all the items separately. Then each child gets the opportunity to be weighed. We also have each child lay down on the floor and I use a piece of yarn to measure them from head to toe. I place these pieces of year onto a large piece of brown paper with their name on the top of each piece. They can then visually see who is taller or shorter. I place their weight next to their yarn string.

A great science for all about me, is to place large pictures of different expressions e.g. someone crying, laughing, surprised, mad.etc. Then place large unbreakable mirrors for them to try the expressions. It is a fun way to learn about expressions, and about what they look like expressing them!

We talk about the heart and then we listen to each others heart beat. After some exercise we listen again! Simple and the children love it!!



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