All About Me Science

One week prior to the activity, send home a note requesting the following items to be brought in: 2 marbles (or small balls) 1 small kitchen sponge 1 balloon 1 egg carton

After tracing the child on brown paper, have them glue on the marble “eyes”, the sponge “brain”, the balloon “heart” and the egg carton (cups cut out and strung together) spine. You can also use straws for veins, macaroni noodle intestines, etc.

We did an all about me theme and talked about the similarities and differences of one another.  How we were all special. To show a difference in skin tones, I went to a local hardware store and got people colored paint swatches. The children then went to the paint swatches and found the one that matched their skin tone the closest. We then charted them along with eye, and hair color charts. The children enjoyed the activity a lot and were excited to find many of their friends with the same skin tones.

In our All About Me unit when we talk about our hearts, I demonstrate the pumping action by putting water in a balloon, then a straw. When you squeeze the balloon, water pumps out. The children learn about the heart as a pump and love getting sprinkled.

Take a class photo and cut out each child. Place them in a 12 oz. pop bottle and secure the lid.  Have the kids find their picture in the bottle by turning the bottle.

When I teach the All About Me unit, we talk about how everyone is different and unique. We look at our skin color and note that no-one is really white or black, but SHADES of color. To demonstrate, I bring in several shades of knee-high stockings. The kids love to try them on their hands to change or match the shade of their skin!


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