Advent Snacks

Advent Snacks

Advent Snacks

Advent snacks for preschoolers through second grade.

In my class, each child made an Advent wreath that they could eat. You follow the basic crispy rice treats recipe and add green food coloring. Once mixed give each child a spoonful of mix onto a square of wax paper and have them make their spoonful into a circle or wreath. Then you give them 4 candles, and if they want red hots to look like holly berries!  It looks great and is yummy, too!



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  • LoriLai November 22, 2017 at 2:24 pm Reply

    Advent Goodie Chain

    This is a yummy treat and a great way to count down the days before Christmas!
    I enjoy Chocolate kisses but use your favorite candy.

    1. You will need several strips of BLUE celaphane wrap. blue is the color of Advent in most churches. Some use purple and in that case using purple may work better for you.

    Those who do not use liturgical colors can use assorted colors or traditional red and green.

    2. Assemble the cellaphane along with 27 pieces of wrapped candy some clear tape and some thin white ribbon cut in 1″ pieces.

    3. Twist one end of the cellephane stip and attach a Advent prayer or thought with a piece of white ribbon. 4.Next fold up the two sides horizontally and tape them together to make a tube.

    5. Insert 1 piece of candy twist and tie off with a piece of ribbon.

    6. Repeat # 5 for each day of Advent.

    7. When you are done (27 days in 2003). twist the end and twist tie and tape off the end.

    8. Send home for children to share with their family as an Advent Countdown YUMMMMM!

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