6 Beach Books + Literacy Skill-Building Activities!

The Boy on the Beach  (Niki Daly) – I love this book! First, because it features children that actually look like some of my own children. Also because it’s just a beautiful, perfect beach story. We see a “boy” on the beach playing and exploring in various ways. It opens up a great conversation of do’s and don’ts at the beach. Do: Splash, build castles, play in the surf, enjoy cool treats, bury each other in the sand… Don’t: forget the sunscreen, run around so fast that your spray sand on other people, wander off and get lost… At the end of the story, we learn the boy’s name as he writes it in the sand. This book could inspire some alphabet knowledge practice and fun sand writing of your own! Write your own name in that sand and take a photo! How many different ways can you write each letter of the alphabet (big, little, fancy, with shells, with your body…)? Bring some glue and paper to the beach and write letters with glue on the paper; then sprinkle sand on the glue to make cool, sensory alphabet cards. Send the kids on scavenger hunts by writing a letter in the sand and having them find something on the beach that begins with that letter. There are many fun possibilities!

Commotion in the Ocean   (Giles Andreae) – Fun and catchy rhymes about animals that live in that ocean you might be swimming in. Rhyming = Phonological Awareness practice. Yay! Isn’t it great when learning is so fun? Talk about which of these animals you think you may or may not see while you’re visiting the beach.


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