Easter Songs

We like to sing and do actions to the following.

5 little Easter eggs,

Lovely colors wore;

Mother ate the blue one,

Then there were four.

4 little Easter eggs,

Two and two, you see;

Daddy ate the red one,

Then there were three.

3 little Easter eggs,

Before I knew,

Sister ate the yellow one,

Then there were two.

Two little Easter eggs,

Oh, what fun!

Brother ate the purple one,

Then there was one.

1 little Easter egg,

See me run!!!

I ate the last one,

And then there was none.

I also use the children’s names instead of the mother, daddy, etc…. We sing this to the tune of 5 Elephants went out to play. Have fun!!!

Here is an Easter Bunny chant that children love to hop around to:

Funny Little Bunny

Sat upon a stump.

Flicked his floppy little ears

And then he gave a jump!

My kindergartners love hopping around the room to this chant.



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