Easter Songs

I have children stand in a line (shoulder to shoulder and wearing bunny ears) while we sing the following song that I made up. At the end of each verse, I point to one bunny, who then hops back to his/her mother! We count the number of bunnies left and do it over!

“There were eight little bunnies a-sittin’ on a hill, Eight little bunnies were oh-so still. They sniffed the air, and one hopped away; How many bunnies were left to play?”

Good at Easter time. I make jelly bean shapes out of flannel to use with each color. First I explain that Al and Etta are two little bunnies that go out with baskets to find jelly beans. Sing to the tune of “Alouette”. Al and Etta both go out to get a basket full of jolly jelly beans. Jolly jelly beans of green, that’s exactly what I mean. Beans of green, beans of green. OHHHH. Continue to sing the song with other colors. I usually show the colored bean shape and pause to let the children say the color.

Other colors are: Beans of pink, that’s exactly what I think Beans of blue, that is truly truly true Beans of red, that’s exactly what I said Beans of orange, nothing really rhymes with orange Beans of orange, beans of orange OHHHH, that’s the end of our song!

Five Little Easter Bunnies Five little Easter bunnies standing at the door One boils the eggs and then there are four. Four little Easter bunnies sitting under a tree. One dyes the eggs and then there are three. Three little Easter bunnies wondering what to do. One decorates the eggs and then there are two. Two little Easter bunnies, of what fun. One puts the eggs in a basket, and then there was one. One little Easter bunny, what can you say? He hides the eggs for a happy Easter day!

Here’s a terrific little song that children love to sing and act out. It’s great for Easter time or when doing an animal theme.

(Children laying on floor pretending to be asleep) All the bunnies fast asleep, All the bunnies not a peep, If I should sing my song today, Will all those bunnies get up and play? (Children get up and hop around room) Get up little bunnies hopping, hopping, Get up little bunnies hop, hop, hop, Get up little bunnies hopping, hopping, Get up little bunnies hop and stop!

This song can be adapted to any animal e.g. chicks chirping kangaroo’s hopping dinosaurs stomping etc……..


sung to the tune of I’m a little Teapot.

I’m a little chickie, (crouch down inside your egg) Ready to hatch
Pecking at my shell (Pecking motion)
Scratch, scratch, scratch! (scratching motion)
When I crack it open, Out I’ll jump (jump out of shell)
fluff my feathers, cheap, cheap, cheap!


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.