Grow Jack’s Beanstalk in Your Classroom!

When I do one of my fairy tale units with my students, I tell them the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” and use fun props. My magic beanstalk that grows to the ceiling is my favorite prop! This prop idea came from another preschool teacher that’s a genius, and whom I absolutely adore. I wonder if she knows my students have been loving and adoring her beanstalk prop for years now?

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Creating Captive Readers


I have been anxiously anticipating the newest edition of Jim Trelease’s Read Aloud Handbook. The waiting has reminded me that I need to be reading and reading and reading with my kids. But if it’s not bedtime, then sometimes My Little Reader is resistant to sitting down with a book (he would rather be playing Legos). So I’ve been trying to get creative with reading to him in moments where he doesn’t have much else he could be doing. I’ve been trying to catch him as a captive audience. And in this digital age we’re living in, that’s tough! Continue reading Creating Captive Readers

Pen Pals! A Great Way to Keep Them Writing This Summer!

Enjoy this flashback tip I shared last summer!

My lovely cousin, Holly, asked me if my kids would like to be pen pals with her kids over the summer and I hastily replied, “Yes!” Holly is a teacher and knows what good writing practice this will be for our kids. I’m thankful for her initiative, as this was one of those things I was wanting to do this summer but wasn’t sure I was going to get around to starting. Continue reading Pen Pals! A Great Way to Keep Them Writing This Summer!

Summer Boredom Buster: Make Your Own Board Game!

For some parts of the country, school is just letting out for the summer. In other parts, like where I live, we’re already almost four weeks into summer break! So that means the inevitable summer boredom is creeping in a little. Who am I kidding? My kids were complaining they were bored the very first day of summer! No joke! Continue reading Summer Boredom Buster: Make Your Own Board Game!

Read About Robots, Make Robots

… We’ve been doing just that all month long! There are too many fun robot books to not have a robot-themed unit! I’m so excited about this one, I’m creating a full literacy pack that will be available on the Teachers Pay Teachers site… eventually. Just as soon as I find time to complete it… aaaaand figure out how the heck to post it into my store (I’m a serious newbie there). Continue reading Read About Robots, Make Robots

A Thrifty Way to Make Craft Supplies Accessible

We have a wonderful armoire that we got from a yard sale. My husband added some additional shelving to the inside, and now we use it to neatly house all the wonderful art and craft supplies that help nurture my kids’ creativity. Continue reading A Thrifty Way to Make Craft Supplies Accessible

Finding Space for Reading

Summer never feels like a time when things slow down and life is a little less crazy. Our summers are busy, for the kids and for me. When I see these book lists on Pinterest titled things like “10 Best Beach Reads,” I laugh. What mom is able to actually read at the beach (If you are a mom that does get to read at the beach, please don’t tell me, or I might cry)? I’m always busy making sure my kids don’t get pulled out to sea by a rip current. Continue reading Finding Space for Reading

Making A Personalized Storytelling Game

Ever play one of those story-making games with you kids? You know, the ones where you take turns drawing a card with a random picture or word on it? Each person has to use what’s on the card they drew to add onto the story. It can get pretty silly. We have a couple versions at our house, and the kids really enjoy them. We giggle lots when we play. Continue reading Making A Personalized Storytelling Game