Day: March 16, 2017

Gardening Songs

Here’s a cute song I wrote for my preschoolers to sing:

Frog Ideas

During our unit on FROGS, we made our sensory table into a pond.

Frog Games

In the water table I cut out round lily pads from craft foam and use

Frog Science

Frog Watching Each year, we start our pond life or frog theme off with a trip to a

Frog Art

Preschool art project – cut out a cookie cutter-type frog out of a

Frog Snacks

Make blue Jell-O with the children in your class. Before the Jell-O

Frog Songs

Sing the song to the tune Mary had a little lamb. Read a book about

Forest Science

For your forest or hibernation theme try this, our preschoolers loved

Forest Art

Mural Forest To make a tree, press a child’s hand into green tempera

Forest Snacks

I have a very young toddler class so it is sometimes hard to find