Day: March 9, 2017

Dental Health Snacks

Oreo cookies and Apples. Give each child a couple of cookies with no

Dental Health Songs

This is a song we made up for our preschool, it goes to the tune of

Day and Night Ideas

Phase of the moon crown

Day and Night Games

Circle time: Have 3 children hold up shapes/pictures of sun, moon,

Day and Night Science

Materials: 4 reseal-able plastic bags water white, orange, and black

Day and Night Art

Here is an idea for day/night art area: On white paper draw stars with white crayon pressing very hard. Have children watercolor paint with black…

Day and Night Snacks

This is easy. Show your class the classic moon pie snack and then use

Day and Night Songs

In the Nighttime (To the tune of “You Are my Sunshine”)

Cow Snacks

For our Farm theme, we have a different day for each animal

Rodeo/Western Ideas

Take a bale of hay, turn it on its side, place a stick horse in one end