Day: March 9, 2017

Desert Ideas

My daughter’s teacher cuts out the shape of an adobe house

Desert Games

A wonderful story to read and act out: La Borreghita and the

Desert Science

Create a desert sensory bottle by adding sand, and small plastic

Desert Art

I black line a cactus on light green or white construction paper.

Desert Snacks

Have a cactus tasting party. In the specialty section of your

Desert Songs

Going To The Desert (Sung to: “She’ll Be Comin Around The Mountain)

Dental Health Ideas

Invite a dentist in to talk the children about his/her job, and about

Dental Health Games

During free play time, invite students to cut pictures of different

Dental Health Science

If you have access to an animal skull containing teeth you can discuss

Dental Health Art

To simulate cleaning teeth, I cut large teeth from white Styrofoam