Day: February 11, 2017

Bakery Curriculum Ideas

The teacher I work with put flour in the sensory table with sifters and other “baking” utensils to go along with a cooking theme we…

Bakery Games

Provide muffin tins in the math center for children to sort and count small items.

Bakery Snacks

As a special treat for the class, stop by a bakery and buy an assortment of goodies to enjoy during story time.

Bakery Songs

“Buns in the Bakery Shop”

Baby Games

Draw a large baby on poster board with the babies hands reaching out sideways.

Baby Art

Talk to your class about how foot prints are stamped at the hospital when a baby is born.

Baby Curriculum Ideas

In my Baby Unit we finger-paint with baby food

Ant Curriculum Ideas

You can make your own ant farm with a clear Mason jar.

Ant Art

I let the kids sponge paint with square sponges using red paint onto white paper to make a picnic table cloth.

Ant Snacks

“Ants in the sand”