Rosh Hashana Songs

(Sung to Marry had a Little Lamb)

Meyer had a juicy apple, juicy apple, juicy apple,

Meyer had a juicy apple and he dipped it in honey.

He took the apple to shul one day, shul one day, shul one day,

He took the apple to shul one day and he heard the shofar play.

All the kids screamed, “L’shanah tovah, L’shanah tovah, L’shanah tovah”,

All the kids screamed L’shanah tovah, and were joyously full of awe. Continue reading Rosh Hashana Songs

Rosh Hashana Snacks

For a Rosh Hashanah snack, I take a very large apple, remove the core and fill it with honey.  The children dip apple slices as we wish each other a sweet year.



This is a great time to have real apples on the science table because you can sort them by color and size.  Also, I weave in Bees and Honey by bringing in honeycomb.  You can get real honey in jars with a bit of honeycomb inside the jar.

Rosh Hashana Games


To incorporate Rosh Hashanah into the science center, it’s fun to measure the kids with apples.  Have their parents send in a lot of apples, then have the children lay down on the floor and measure each child with apples (ex. Suzy is 14 apples long.)  You can then use this information to make a graph. Continue reading Rosh Hashana Games

Rosh Hashana Art

Here is a creative hands-on activity for the children to do!  1. Give the children a big piece of clay. Have them work the clay by kneading, banging, and throwing it (great for developing muscles in their hands, which is necessary for fine motor skills).  2. Have the children roll out the clay until it is flat but not too thin.  3. Have the children work with a partner for this next step. Give them Popsicle sticks and have the children take turns tracing (carving) out each others hands.  4. Children will then glue a plastic cup onto the center of their clay hands.  5. Gently fold clay fingers around plastic cup so that it looks as if the hand is holding the cup.  6. Let dry and apply Mod Podge to seal.  Continue reading Rosh Hashana Art