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Way back in 1998, a preschool teacher became tired of the high cost of purchasing curriculum planning books for her classroom. Armed only with a computer that ran as slow as a snail, she locked herself in a room and learned how to create a website. Three months later, The Perpetual Preschool was born. It was the first of its kind. Early childhood educators could find and share ideas that worked in their classroom for free.

This little endeavor has grown into what you see today. There are over 50,000 free curriculum themes, ideas, and articles.  New content is added daily.  While visiting, hands-on participation is encouraged!  Feel free to explore all of the areas in the preschool.

The Perpetual Preschool will always be free. The only payment asked is to share ideas that you use in your classroom. Sharing your thoughts are easy! Under each curriculum topic, you will see a link that says “leave a comment”.  Just click away and share your expertise with other early childhood professionals.  With your help and knowledge, The Perpetual Preschool can continue to be an invaluable asset to Early Childhood Educators across the world!

Online Workshops

In addition to the free curriculum ideas on The Perpetual Preschool, The Perpetual Preschool Workshops were developed in 1998. The Perpetual Preschool Online Workshops offer 16 different seminars for early childhood professionals. Ten more will be added shortly! All of the workshops are cost effective, self-study, and can be completed at your leisure.

If you join our mailing list, you will receive a coupon code for 25% off your total workshop order!

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Tell us what you think about the new Perpetual Preschool.  Your email will be answered within 24 hours of receipt.

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